viernes, 5 de diciembre de 2008

E-mail de Mike Golden

Hi, Mr. K▲LIGUL▲:

How are u?
I´m sorry for the incident that happened u in Comic´s Salon from Getxo. Sorry that i can´t do nothing when i see u screaming like a little dog ill on the floor. I surprise me that the people the first they do is take her cameras and take photos of ur blood on all places. I try do something, but people catch u inmediately, and i have go to the responsables of the event to speak about the incident. They said me that is something that could happend everybody, but i can´t stop cry always i remember the crash of ur face with the corner of the stand.

If is possible i desire donate a money for a stetic operation. U was so pretty, and now... For that u want i want help u in that is possible from me. Tell me ur acount bank and inmediatelly u have the money for do it.
Too, i want tell u, that i remember with nostalgic the day with u in Getxo. I remember when we walk for the park near the Salon. When the little rain start fall on our heads. I wish see u in the next Comic Con from San Diego. U´r invited. I can talk with the organitation for take the especific segurity for that don´t happend u something like in Getxo.

So, i have a idea for a new caracter of comic based on u. The caracter would be a person that go to a comic´s Salon and crash her face on a corner of a stand. More late he transform in the Cikatriz Man. He could have a sidekick: Mercromina Boy. Both fight against the forces of the gravity.

Response me what u think about the idea.

Best wishes,

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