domingo, 19 de julio de 2009

FRANK MILLER + JIM LEE = All Shit Batman

Puaghhh!!! Finished the waited return to Batman of Frank Miller and i´m vomiting yet!!!! What´s this shit???? The pencils of Jim Lee are excellents, like always!! Vicky Vale...mmmmmmmmm, GUAU, GUAU!! Ah, ah, zum, zum!!!! pretty, sexy, delicious bOObs and a pErfEct fucked big ass. But the history...pof, pof, pof.
Start with Dick(cock<---) Grayson, continue with the lessons of Batman to Dick(small cock<-) Grayson, and finish with Batman and Dick(teenager cock<+12) Grayson. Grrrrr...I HATE!! typicals ♂Batgay♂ l♥ve histories.

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